Our levels of self-confidence rise and fall. Sometimes when the going gets rough it’s hard to reach inside ourselves and find the inner strength we need. If you are in a rut right now and your self-confidence is at a low ebb look at the following checklist to see what you can do to bring some instant enthusiasm and vigour back into your life.

1 Put a smile on your face even if you don’t feel like it. Fake it ‘til you make it and before long you will be feeling better.

2 Look good! Treat yourself to a wonderful haircut, put on some make up, and step out there girl!

3 Take a rest from your worries and go for a walk. You will be amazed at your changes in perception after you have ‘walked out’ your mood.

4 Let go of the need to be right all the time, you will feel surprisingly uplifted.

5 Create a new goal and take the first step towards it.

6 Respect your own needs and learn to say yes and no when you want to.

7 Get together with your most positive friends (the best tonic in the world!)

8 Repeat the mantra: I am a success!

9 Take yourself out for the day to do something that you love. Enjoy your own company and the pleasure of doing exactly what you want.

10 You are special and unique – don’t forget this.

Coaching and confidence boosting at http://www.lyndafield.com

Copyright © Lynda Field 2015

Adapted from my book, Weekend Confidence Coach



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