‘Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.’

Salvador Dali

Only when it’s perfect will I be happy; I can’t go for my goals until I lose some weight; the house must be immaculate before I can throw a party; everything has got to be totally together for me to feel confident … I must be Superwoman!

Do you recognise this way of thinking? Perhaps your life feels like a tremendous balancing act that must be maintained at all costs. Are you rushing around keeping everything together, juggling career; family; friends; children; washing; shopping; cooking … or whatever, in your quest to be the most perfect woman in the world? Are you inclined to judge the value of your days by an exacting set of standards? Are you always striving to achieve more; do you ever let up on yourself and take some time-out?

You might not consider yourself to be a perfectionist but even so it’s worthwhile checking any tendencies you might have in this direction as they would certainly have a negative effect on your confidence levels. It’s only too easy to sabotage our success by being overcritical of our endeavours.

6 Ways to Give Yourself a Break

1. Tell yourself you are doing well.
2. Remember that you are ‘good enough’ just the way you are.
3. Stop speaking to yourself in a critical voice.
4. Consider how perfectionism feeds into low self-confidence.
5. Accept your imperfections and admire your stamina.
6. Remind yourself to enjoy the journey towards your goals.

Give yourself an instant confidence boost by repeating the mantra:
‘I am good enough’.

Copyright © Lynda Field 2015

Adapted from my book, Weekend Life Coach.


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