• Dreams can come true – believe in them.

• We are all connected.

• How to say what you mean – life will be a breeze.

• The more you give, the more you will receive.

• Expect the best – you get what you expect.

• You create your own reality.

• Forgiveness creates happiness – decide to let go.

• You are divine!

• Everyone is doing the best they can.

• How to say ‘no’ – you will stop being a victim.

• Every cloud has a silver lining.

• Everything changes – bad times will pass.

• Your life has meaning and purpose.

• How to accept a compliment – smile and say thanks.

• The universe supports you.

• Persistence pays – don’t take no for an answer.

• You are incredible.

• How to smile dazzlingly – it will light up your life.

Take time each day to remember at least one of these things and you will feel the benefits.

Coaching and confidence boosting at http://www.lyndafield.com

Copyright © Lynda Field 2015



  1. Hello, I have recently started following you and I would love to learn from you. My name is Zara Vargues,,I am working on starting up a network to support those with depression, and people who are disabled. I have a disability and I know my calling in life is to help others.
    Thanks for your time, Zara


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