Scientific research demonstrates that a gut reaction is a physical as well as an emotional response. There is a large knot of nerve cells in our stomachs that can respond to any emotional condition and affect our unconscious decisions. Later, when these decisions become conscious, we may become aware that this is something we ‘knew’ about all along. As we have seen, the more we practice using our intuitive powers the stronger and more reliable they become.

Try the following:

• Take your intuition seriously.  Give it the respect it deserves and make time every day to listen in to your inner voice. Find a quiet spot, relax and let your mind rest. Thoughts will come and go but just keep coming back to following your breathing. In this relaxed state you are more aware of your inner world.

• Bring a situation to mind and ask your intuition for guidance. You might get an immediate response but most likely the answer will come later when you are doing something else. Don’t expect anything, but know that you have expressed a strong intention here and you have sown a seed that will develop and grow.

• Begin to notice your natural instinctive responses in your day to day life. For example when you ‘pick up’ on someone’s mood and ‘know’ that this would be a bad time to ask for a favour. Or maybe what you thought of as a ‘coincidence’ begins to take on more meaning and you see a message there. Your inner voice is only really an extension of your everyday awareness, so practice being intuitive.

• Turn inwards to check your response whenever a difficult situation arises and you don’t know what to do.  Ask yourself what ‘feels’ right here. If there is no reply then that in itself is a message not to react, and to bide your time.

If you make good friends with your intuition you will have a strong, reliable (inner) partner for life.

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Copyright © Lynda Field 2015

Adapted from my book, Fast Track to Happiness



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