1 Ditch the ‘armchair contemplation’. When you think and think about doing something it can really feel like you are getting on with it but unfortunately this is not the case. There comes a time when thinking must be converted to action.

2 Make a list / cull your lists. If being orderly is not your style then introducing some structure to the chaos might be just what you need. On the other hand if you are surrounded by lists then the sheer number of jobs will defeat you. Identify your top three priorities and let that be your only list.

3 Accept that you are not perfect. If you don’t you will be unable to get going because whatever you do will never feel ‘good enough’.

4 Trust yourself. Remember past successes and achievements. Recollect some good decisions you have made. You have followed through for yourself in the past and you can do it again.

5 Consider the carrots! Think of the rewards of getting going; what will it feel like to have completed the task? How pleased will you be?

6 Stick to the knitting. This old phrase says it in a nutshell. Once you have made the commitment to act stick with it and keep going, do whatever needs to be done. Feel the self-respect!

7 Act confidently. Step up to the plate, even if you are feeling unsure. A courageous leap will energize, motivate and enthuse you – just do it!

8 Stop waiting to feel in the right mood. Days, weeks and months can pass while you wait to feel ready to act. You might never feel ready, particularly if the task hasn’t got a passion quotient of 10/10; meanwhilethe pressure mounts.

9 Become aware of your excuses. What strategies do you use to subvert your goals? Realize that they just won’t wash any more.

10 Take the decision to be motivated. Let this strong intention override all your apparent inner and outer obstacles. Act as if you are motivated and you will feel motivated – be the change you seek.

Copyright © Lynda Field 2015

Adapted from my book, The Self-Esteem Coach

Coaching and confidence boosting at http://www.lyndafield.com



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